The Lotus Story

In  Laotian culture, Lotus literally means “strength”.  This beautiful flower, which takes root in still water, carries a rich and powerful symbolism everywhere it grows.  Rising from its anchored roots nourished by the clean water and sunlight above, the bud expands to a  beautiful bloom upon the waters. This is a great symbol to show the impact that education has in the lives of girls in Laos today. Through education, it is hoped that girls will have greater life opportunities that will improve their lives, and empower them within their  communities.

Our work is based on a holistic centred approach, ensuring long term goals of building capacity , resilience and critical thinking skills that will combine to provide greater life opportunities, representation and participation  for  women and girls in  Laos.

Our Story Begins


Women and Girls in Partnership

The Lotus team has worked hard on building up strong in-country relationships with our Lotus partners.

Each year our team leaves their homes in Australia, Thailand, and the UK to meet up in Laos. For five long days, it is all about ensuring that our Life Skills workshops are delivered in a highly professionally manner while ensuring that the girls have fun and learn new skills.

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