Lotus Women’s Wellness Workshop by Julia Alden

Lotus Women’s Wellness Workshop February 2016 Written by Julia Alden During the February break members and friends of the NIST community again showed their support to the Lotus project, as the first Women’s Wellness Workshop was successfully implemented… Read More

ISARA – NIST – Baking for Lotus

Thank you ISARA for amazing banana bread and delicious cookies. Every crumb was eaten for snacks during the Women’s Wellbeing Workshop in Feb 21st-24th 2016.

NIST baking for Lotus Feb 2016

In preparation for morning and afternoon tea during the Women’s Wellbeing Workshop being held from Feb 21st-24th NIST students took action!! The students in 5MM eagerly gathered the ingredients and headed to the NIST food technology department. It… Read More

Nonnadie Walls !!!

Walls for Learning! In mid November 2015 the partnership was formed with the Village Head / Fathers and Lotus to build walls at the Nonnadie School. Twenty bags of cement, a truck of sand, bricks and labor were… Read More


In March 2016 Helen Keogh was fortunate to connect with Mac Maness and La Vaiyakone from Soap4Life in Vientiane, Laos. Soap4Life is a small hand on humanitarian organization, dedicated to the development and support of health and economic… Read More

Lotus English Workshop February 2013

In February 2013, a team of four Australians; Cath, Mary, Amy and Cathy joined myself and another teacher from Bangkok, Helen, to embark on an English language workshop with fifteen Lotus girls. The workshop was organised in partnership… Read More

St Therese’s Art Show November 2012

  In 2012, the children in Grades 5 and 6 at St Therese’s Primary School, New Lambton, Australia held an art exhibition to raise money fro the Lotus Educational Fund in Laos. The fund was established in 2008… Read More

MMG partnership May 2013

MMG partnership continues in May 2013. Ms Ladsany Sisane and Mr Saman Aneka from VKT MMG with Campbell Vearing at Nong Kalong School, Km 35   It is a known fact that in many countries girls face many barriers… Read More

MMG Partnership To Educate Girls In Savannakhet May 2014

The Lotus Educational Fund is very appreciative for the support that MMG, Sepon have continued to show during the communication and transportation of educational supplies to support the Lotus girls in Savannahket, Lao PDR.  MMG  generously offered to transport the… Read More

International Education Bridging Barriers

The Lotus girls with teachers from NIST International School, Bangkok in May 2013. It is a known fact that in many countries girls face many barriers in attending school.  The major barriers include: male preference, attitudes towards girls’… Read More