Introducing Baisy

Baisy Moudy is a wonderful example of how education is building the capacity of girls in rural areas in Laos. At the age of seven, Baisy was the first member of her family to attend school. As her parents who struggling vegetable farmers who used most of their income to support the household economy and pay Baisy’s sisters medical bills she thought she would never have the opportunity to go to school. When Lotus sponsored her school registration, she felt her dream had come true. 

Throughout the twelve years of schooling, Baisy worked diligently to top her yearly Grade exams as her dream was always to continue her studies beyond the village school.

This year Baisy  graduated from Grade 12 and she hopes to continue her studies at the National University in Vientiane. When she finishes her studies, Baisy would like to return to Ban Thasano village to work as a doctor to help other women and girls have access to medical care. “I want to come back to my village and help women and girls have healthier happier lives. So many girls don’t understand menstruation and this even impacts on their school attendance. More knowledge is needed and if I can help them understand their bodies then I will feel successful as a nurse.”

Baisy was able to attend secondary school thanks to Lotus’ Education Program, which provides girls with material support and life skills education to negotiate key life decisions. 

Now that Baisy has finished Grade 12, she can apply for a John Schiller Scholarship which will cover most of the costs associated with completing her four-year study program. 

As Baisy remembers it, Lotus invited her on a trip that changed her life and the journey is still continuing. We look forward to welcoming Dr Baisy to led sessions at our upcoming Life Skills workshops.