North Balwyn Rotary Supports VET Program

Great news!  Rotary have generously donated  funding to provide support for ten Lotus girls to attend a six week Vocational training program in 2018.

Each year the Lotus girls must pass their exams to progress to the next school year. Mrs Phouvanh the Lotus supervisor meets with the teachers and students each month to review grades. This formative data is a valuable tool to help determine those girls who are ‘at risk,’ of human trafficking and decide if vocational training may be the best viable option. Discussion between Sengsavang, and Lotus includes students, parents and village council to ensure that the needs of the girls are valued holistically. Lotus acknowledges that in this community not all girls aspire to complete a higher education in the city of Savannakhet, located one hour away. Importantly, not all girls are academically capable of advancing further and thus have a lot of pressure from their families to earn an income, so vocational training is an important viable option for the Lotus girls and much safer than forced labour and prostitution. With funding from Rotary, ten girls would participate in an  8 week vocational training and life skills course at Sengsavang, Savannakhet with the intent that the girls will be educated in a range of viable vocational options and will thus make informed responsible  decisions regarding their future education and or career paths.

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