Sisterhood: WhatsApp Mentoring Program

Sisterhood is a program which connects ‘little sisters’,  Grade 11 students from Lotus Education Fund and ‘big sisters’, university students from the American Centre at That Dam in Vientiane, Laos. Big sisters act as mentors and they provide advice and guidance to little sisters living in rural areas and isolated communities in Southern Laos. Through a mentorship program, the Lotus girls are guided through goal and career planning and have access to a older friend and role model, which they are able to communicate with via WhatsApp.  Meanwhile, the big sisters are able to develop their leadership potential and “help their little sisters find a dream, and make it real through exploring available opportunities.”

Big Sister

Profile: DOUANGPANYA ( Davy)

Age: 17

School: Eastern Star School 

Hobbies: Volunteering activities, cooking, reading and playing badminton

The reason why I was interested in the mentoring program because this is a great opportunity for me to improve my leadership skills, which will guide me to set a direction to help myself and others with a vision that will better society. I realized that I am fortunate to have been born in a town where I could receive quality education while some other people with same abilities, same desires, same ethic and love for the family suffer from hardship, which is according to many factors.   These people need someone to understand their pain and guide them in the right direction. Therefore, I am happy to demonstrate my act of kindness and to spread hope to everyone by listening to their story and giving them advice to the best of my abilities.

Little Sister

Profile: Sompong

Age: 18

School: Nongalong School

Hobbies: Sewing, gardening and reading books

Sompong enjoys chatting to her big sister on WhatsApp because her big sister mentors her and provides her advice on some challenging issues in Sompong’s life. Sompong struggles with managing time in regards to her study and having contact with a big sister, who is experienced in managing time when studying, has meant that the advice she is given has been very helpful. Through the mentorship and regular contact with her big sister, Sompong has begun to understand the importance of education in securing a brighter future filled with opportunities.  She has a clear clarity on her plans for the future and knows how to manage her time to achieve her goals.

The big sister group meets at the AWCC and the girls are in contact with their “little sisters”  at least once a week. Lotus provides each of the Grade 11 girls with 10,000 kip once a year to contact their “big sister”.

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