Big Sister Little Sister

‘Big Sister’ Somphong with her ‘little sister’ Kham.

 Sisterhood believes that when access to education is combined with mentorship, it works together as a powerful leadership development tool and catalyst to enable women and girls to lead change within their communities — locally, and nationally.

Mentorship: An Important Tool to Nurture Future Leaders

Mentorship is a powerful leadership development tool. Sisterhood offers mentorship to our Lotus ‘Little Sisters’ serving to   guide and support them during their schooling and in some instances; if they have to drop-out .

Currently Lotus has twenty-three ‘Big Sisters’  studying Grade 12 and as they complete their schooling, they may choose to work, marry, relocate or continue their studies. Whatever, their choice through mentoring it is hoped that they will  play an active role and even become leaders within their communities.

As a ‘Big Sister’  they are encouraged to give back to the community by becoming mentors to the next generation of ‘little sisters’ in Grade 7.

The  ‘Big Sisters’ value the role that education can play in empowerment as a tool for facilitating change. In collaboration with the Lotus team, the ‘Big Sisters’ are developing a simple goal for mentorship, “To help their ‘Little Sisters’ to find a dream, and make it real through exploring available opportunities.”

 In addition to contributing their time, knowledge and support to the development of their ‘little sisters’, mentors are also providing lunch-time English classes. For two hours each day, the classroom is filled with laughter and learning as the ‘sisters’ engage in exciting activities that  will serve to develop their own leadership skills, and have a valuable impact on the empowerment of women in Laos. 

With the help of donated and secondhand phones the girls are able to communicate with each other and members of the Lotus team using ‘Whatsapp’. If you have unwanted smartphones, ipads in working order or would like to donate to our Mentor Program so we can purchase more phones for our ‘Little Sisters’ please use the contact page.

English Lunch-time Sessions