Big Sister Little Sister

To help their ‘Little Sisters’ to find a dream, and make it real through exploring available opportunities.”

‘Big Sister’ Somphong with her ‘little sister’ Kham.

If I could tell my younger Lotus ‘Little Sister’  anything, it would be that she shouldn’t take this opportunity ‘education’ for granted.”  Baisy

Sisterhood believes that when access to education is combined with mentorship, it works together as a powerful  tool  to enable women and girls to lead change within their communities.

Mentorship: An Important Tool to Nurture Future Leaders

The Lotus mentoring program serves to guide and support the ‘Little Sisters’  during their schooling; especially when faced with challenges that may impact their ability to attend and stay in school.

Since its inception in 2019, the BIg Sisters have mentored their little sisters through lunch-time english lessons and distributed menstrual kits.

As part of our ‘giving back’ concept each of the  twenty-three ‘Big Sisters’  are active on Whatsapp with their mentees each week chatting words of encouragement.  After completing secondary school, the  ‘Big Sisters’ value the role that education plays as an empowerment tool in facilitating change. The ‘sisters’ strengthen their relationships through participating in workshops that  serve to develop their  leadership skills, and empower women in Laos. 

 If you have unwanted smartphones and IPADSs in working order, or would like to donate to our Mentor Program so we can purchase more phones for our ‘Little Sisters’, please use the contact page.