Period. End of Story

 Lotus  empowers girls in       Laos, by providing  reusable, sustainable  Period kits.

 Imagine never knowing why……..

 Imagine having to miss 60 days of school a year……..

 This is how our story began. 

 Imagine a room filled with shy, giggling girls who do not know understand they menstruate or where the blood comes from that soils their sinhs so heavily each month. An occurrence that embarrasses their routines.  Without access to resources menstruation can impede a girls willingness to attend school.

Start the Story. Period.

After our first Lotus Life Skills  workshop,  we  surveyed  women and girls in  our targeted villages.  In simple terms, findings showed  that 70% of  respondents did not understand why they menstruated. Coupled with this fear of misunderstanding was a lack of access to suitable resources. Poverty impeded the basic rights of  these women and the girls to  care for themselves in a healthy and hygienic way.  Factors which impacted their  education and daily life in different ways; most notably absenteeism from school and work.

With an obvious need that aligned with the mission of  Lotus, an opportunity grew for a  micro-social enterprise led by local women and girls. Our aim was simple, to provide dignity to the lives of  women and girls living in poverty through the provision of Period kits.

A  sustainable response was needed. Private funding   was secured  and  collaboration with   Sengsavang  shelter enabled production  to begin.

 With  kits sewn, and packed it was time to partner with   local skilled  women on a “Train the trainer” program.  This enabled the kits to  be delivered in remote villages   through our Menstrual Hygiene workshops. Our wonderful trainers included members of the Lao Women’s Union.

Start in School. Period.

Health Education has always been an essential objective of our Lotus Project.  It was a natural progression that we needed to extend our workshops to our feeder secondary schools.

As we setup the room on a sweltering hot day, there was laughter coming from students, teachers and parents who all crowded the room and through the windows with curiosity.

Today provided a great opportunity to dispel a few ‘myths’ and unpack a taboo subject in a ‘fun and engaging’ way.

For the past four years Lotus has been supplying kits to the women and girls in these communities but now the Lotus graduates are delivering the kits to their families.


Sharing Our Stories. Period.

Girls learn about their menstrual cycles at Life Skills workshops
School Menstrual Awareness Workshops

What's In A Period Kit?

It only costs 10 USD, 15 AUD, 400 THB to purchase one  Period Kit  that will then be delivered to a woman or a girl.

Your generous donation provides someone with a life-changing opportunity, similar to what women and girls in our communities take for granted and have in our access to every month. 

The purchase of a gift certificate will allow women and girls in rural Laos to better cope with Periods. 

Thus allowing them to  continue to live their lives in a normal, dignified way.

If you would like to support our project please visit the Donate page on our website.

Thank you from the Lotus team